Our vision

Our vision is for an estuary and wider catchment area that:

  • is restored as a healthy functioning ecosystem, valued for its internationally important wildlife, habitats and landscapes
  • provides more benefits for people, local communities, places, and economies, including greater resilience to climate change
  • becomes a natural powerhouse, where development is planned and managed in a way that sustains and enhances the estuary’s resources



Map journal

Map collating data on the Severn Estuary.


Severn Vision metadata

Data sources to support the map journal.

Championing Coastal Coordination's

The 3 C's Project

The project is an opportunity to turn the Severn Vision into a deliverable framework for action; one which maximises nature restoration, climate mitigation and adaptation benefits for the whole Severn Estuary and outer reaches area  (Tewkesbury – Morte Point/Port Eynon).

It will be developed through wide engagement with stakeholders and community input, is funded by the Environment Agency’s Championing Coastal Coordination initiative and will be delivered by the end of March 2022.

The project comprises three workstreams:

  1. Delivering the Severn Vision – creating a deliverable framework for action through stakeholder deep dive workshops on the topics of ecosystem resilience, governance, and the sustainable development and use of natural resources.
  2. Developing climate adaptation pathway for sea-level rise, identifying opportunities for and barriers against Nature-based Solutions across the estuary, through stakeholder and community engagement, using locally focused workshops.
  3. Recruiting 10 Coastal Champions from a range of backgrounds including business, landowners, councils and community champions to increase the capacity and capability of local stewardship.

The Severn Vision partnership

WWT The Wildlife Trusts RSPB National Trust CPRE Salmon and Trout association Severn Rivers Trust